Counsellors offer therapy and support to people who want to resolve personal or psychological problems. Counsellors can help you sort through your emotions, to consider different options, or to improve your emotional resilience.

People talk to counsellors when:

  • They have a life problem and don’t know how to solve it

  • They feel stuck in life

  • Something happened to them that is impacting their mind or emotions

  • They have, or think they might have, a mental health condition such as anxiety or depression

  • They want to learn more about themselves

  • They need someone to talk everything over with

  • They want to make a change, and they need help or support

  • Something just feels “wrong”

Counsellors can help you with any of these problems, and many more as well. If you’re not sure if counselling can help you, contact Anna and ask!

When you go to a counselling session, the counsellor will talk to you about the problems or issues you want support with. They will support you in thinking through everything and in making whatever decisions work best for you.


Text counselling works the same way as any other counselling, but instead of talking face to face, you communicate through text. This means you will need to type out the things you want to say, and read the things that the counsellor has said.


There are unique benefits to text-based counselling. Some reasons people might prefer text-based counselling include:

  • They are more comfortable communicating through text

  • They find video or voice interaction intimidating

  • They enjoy having more time to reflect as they write their responses

  • They like having the option to reread things that have been said

  • The emotional experience of a text interaction feels more manageable

If you are a person that prefers text-based counselling, whether that is some of the time or all of the time, this is the place for you!


If you would like to do counselling with Anna, send her a message on the “Fees & Contact” page.

Once Anna gets your message, she will send you an email to let you know her available appointment times.

 You will need to reply to the email telling her which of the available times you would like to book.

 She will then email you confirmation of the appointment. The confirmation email will also contain instructions for how to connect to the session when it is the appointment time

 When it is time for the appointment, follow the instructions in the email to connect to your session.